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Why Testing for Integrity is Just as Important as Testing for Competency

Test for Integrity and Honesty

Why testing for integrity is just as important as testing for competency

There are all sorts of tests you can do to test for all sorts of things when you’re recruiting or doing team building activities. Yet testing for honesty isn’t the first thing people think of when they’re recruiting. 

But at the end of the day, what is the one thing you really want in every member of your team?  Integrity.  Otherwise known as honesty. 

Skills, experience, availability and realistic salary expectations are the things that crowd our mind when we’re on the hunt for new talent.

But the best skill set in the world is of no benefit to you if it comes with a poor work ethic, an inability to work with others or a lack of integrity when representing your brand or doing business in your name. Disrupting your team and damaging your brand is not good for business!

Testing for honesty may be the only test you really need to do.

A good interview process will take care of the competency piece. By using the STAR approach or something similar, a seasoned interviewer can draw out information about someone’s skill set that may not be easily assessed from a resume. So too, with their experience. There’s not much you can’t find out if you ask the right questions and actively listen to the answers. If you don’t think you interview well, then chat to us about improving your skills or let us do it for you.

And there are any number of competency tests out there you can tap into. But all they’ll really tell you is whether someone ‘can’ do the job. What you want to know is whether they ‘will’ do the job the way you expect them to.

Another way of testing for honesty is via reference checking. But again, unless you are an experienced reference checker, you may not ask the questions that need to be asked to get the information you want. And forget about those online reference check services – all you’ll really find out there is whether they turned up on time, had too many sick days and got along with the team. There are too many examples of referees not being entirely honest when sent an online form to fill in. Tick the easy boxes and get it off your desk, that’s the easiest and least risky approach. But a personal confidential reference check by an experienced recruiter or hiring manager can deliver all sorts of helpful information.

But all this interviewing and reference checking takes time. You could spend hours in interviews with someone, only to find out in a reference check that they were sacked for stealing. Or they sexually harassed someone in the office. Or they weren’t able to get along with their manager. Or they lied to clients to get the sale and then the company couldn’t deliver. 

What if you could test for honesty before you spend all that time interviewing and reference checking?

Well you can. There’s a couple of ways you can do it – you can buy a full-blown Psychological Test for hundreds of dollars and put your entire shortlist through that lengthy and costly process, or you can use a JobFit Assessment, which is benchmarked to the role you are recruiting, easy to administer and highly cost-effective. For the price of a single Psychological Test, you can screen six candidates who look good on paper.

And it’s validity and reliability, the most important things in any psychological test, are the highest in the industry for the tool it is.

Clients who and fit report the best hiring results – they have a team member who has the skills, experience, integrity and cultural fit that sets them up for success.

And when they are successful, you are successful.

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