Workplace bullying in Australia – is it happening in your workplace?


Workplace bullying in Australia is on the rise and it appears no workplace is immune. Apart from the obvious impact on the individuals concerned, The Productivity Commission estimates that workplace bullying is costing the Australian economy between $6 billion and $36 billion every year. 

The Australian Workplace Barometer (AWB), an evidence-based, science-driven project commissioned by Safe Work Australia (SWA), which monitors Australian work conditions shows that Australia has the sixth-highest rate of workplace bullying when compared with 34 European countries. According to SWA, the national average rate of workplace bullying has increased by 40%. This is supported by independent research conducted by the mental health charity, beyondblue, who suggest that almost 50% of all working Australians will experience bullying at some time in their work life.

Workplace bullying leads to increased absenteeism, increased rates of depression and anxiety and increased costs for employers, both in lost time and productivity. And that’s before you count the cost of work cover claims, recruitment activity to replace people who have resigned because of bullying and lost corporate knowledge and employer reputation.

So, the question is…….Is there a risk that bullying may be happening in your workplace? Do you know how to recognize it when you see it? Do you know what to do when you see apparently normal behavior in a staff member escalating into something else?

Protecting yourself from a bullying claim or investigating one that has been made by an employee can be a very distressing experience for employers. It is made even more stressful when you are navigating a minefield that is unfamiliar to you.

We can minimize the stress for you. Our workshops and confidential coaching programs will help you understand what workplace bullying is, how to prevent it and how to appropriately and sensitively investigate any complaints that are made.

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