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One of the few HR Consultants in Sydney able to offer ‘cradle to grave’ support


HR Consultants in Sydney offer a variety of services. But few are able to support you from the beginning of your journey right through to the end. They just don’t have the breadth and depth of skill. At HRM, our qualified team will work with you to help you decide exactly what skills, people and support you need, then make sure you get them, keep them and maximise their potential to make your business the best it can be. And all the while making sure you aren’t breaching any laws.77

We are SME specialists, Our clients tap into us for all sorts of help and advice. And many have engaged us as their outsourced HR Manager. They have their own Consultant working as an extension of their management team without the expense of employing an HR Manager.

Skills Analysis – understand what skills and experience your team members actually need to achieve your business goals

Development of Job Descriptions and KPIs – clearly understand what each person is hired to do and what performance is expected

Remuneration Advice – understand what the market is paying for the skills and experience you need, so you can be sustainable competitive

Recruitment – attract the best talent available as quickly as possible

JobFit and Personality Testing – take that extra step to better understand your candidates when hiring or your team once they’ve been hired

Induction and Onboarding – how you perform in the first four hours, the first four days and the first four weeks of your new hires’ experience are the most reliable predictors of how successful that person will be and how long they will stay with you. Make sure your Onboarding process is working for you and not against you.

Performance Management – it doesn’t matter what skills and experience you have in your team if you’re not managing it to the business goals you’ve set.

Learning and Development – make sure you are delivering learning and development opportunities that are actually working for you!

Harmonious Teams – harmonious teams are the most productive. We can help you build them and keep them.

Compliance – understand what the legislation means for you and make sure you are compliant, both in process and practice.

HRM is one of the few HR Consultants in Sydney that can offer you a full suite of services to enable you to focus on working ON your business rather than IN it.

Ask us how our team of HR Consultants in Sydney can help your business realise its potential faster.

and resources you need right through to ensuring the exit of those resources , attract and secure those resources