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“Screening people using these incredibly accurate tools was the difference between an 'OK' hire and a great one. The information provided improved not only our interview and hiring process but the employee's ongoing performance”

JobFit Assessments

What if you could more effectively match job candidates to your clients' roles? You would improve selection outcomes, insure against early failure rates and provide the client with a management report which will assist them to maximise employee performance and engagement levels.

JobFit Assessments are the only job matching assessment built specifically for the recruitment industry. It enables you to accurately assess behavioural traits and reasoning skills to connect the right people with the right jobs.

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How a simple Job Fit Assessment can make sure your new hire is the right hire

Recruitment can be a frustrating process.  First you need to be clear about what you are looking for.  Then you have to work out how to find it.  Then you spend hours screening and interviewing people.  Imagine a quick online job fit assessment that would let you sort the ‘probables’ from the ‘possibles’ before you spend all that time in interviews that often go nowhere.

With a simple Job Fit Assessment you can do just that.  After you’ve sorted your applications based on skills and experience, and perhaps even location, how do you then determine which candidates are the ‘right fit’ for your team?  Move them from ‘possible’ to ‘probable’?You’re looking for what we call the soft skills.

There are numerous examples of personality tests for jobs and a prospective employee’s suitability, as well as psychometric assessments and screening tools that claim to give you all the information you need. They can even be highly convenient to use – for example, there are plenty of examples of online personality test for jobs that would claim to rate a person’s suitability. But there’s often no science behind them. Those online personality tests in particular do not accurately predict a person’s workplace performance.

Instead of a supposedly quick and easy personality test, you want a tested, refined and re-tested process that provides you with the comfort you need about the reliability and validity of the test.

Our Job Fit Assessment has been rated as 95% reliable with a validity of 0.82, the highest score for tests of this kind.

So, what does a Job Fit Assessment test for? 

·         Integrity and honesty

·         How the person works in a team

·         How quickly the person learns new information

·         How the person reacts to stress

·         That all important “can do, will do”

Our fully trained Consultants will help you with the administration, interpretation and analysis of the results, so you don’t even have to try to work it all out for yourself.

Fast evaluations so you can hire the right person quickly and get on with the business of doing business your business.

  • Comprehensive assessment for entry-level workforce
  • Takes less than 20 minutes to administer
  • Measures “Can Do,” “Will Do,” and honesty
  • Immediate results rolled into 1 simple report with interview questions
  • Based on valid research and reliable scientific data                                                                     
  • Comprehensive assessment for mid-level workforce
  • Takes less than 30 minutes to administer
  • Self-interpretive reporting
  • Industry job pattern database
  • Immediate results that deliver 5 valuable reports
  • Based on valid research and reliable scientific data                                                                                   
  • Comprehensive assessment for upper-level workforce
  • Takes less than 45 minutes to administer
  • Measures cognitive abilities, behavioural traits and professional interests
  • Immediate results that deliver 10 valuable reports
  • Based on valid research and reliable scientific data